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Paws & Pray Walk By Faith Bandana Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

Paws & Pray Walk By Faith Bandana Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

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Remind yourself to walk the walk with this eye-catching “Walk By Faith Bandana” Bag Dispenser by Paws & Pray™ in Red. Our furry friends are a beautiful example of loyalty and faith; let them serve as inspiration for your own faith in the Lord.

Cheer on someone who needs to know that God is there for them. Pray for someone who has lost sight of what matters most and let them know you are praying for God’s guidance in their life. This is a message people long to hear: that they are noticed by someone who cares and that God has never, ever let them out of His sight. You’ll want one of these practical picker-uppers for Fido or Fluffy at home, and another in the car. Check out our chic, coordinating Collar and Leash in the same design.

Paws & Pray™ Pet Waste Bag Dispenser - Walk By Faith Bandana

  • Color: Red
  • 3" Long (5" With Clip) x 1.75" Wide x 1.75" Deep
  • Polyester; 1 Roll Of Disposable Bags Included
  • Plastic Clip To Attach To Leash
  • Wipe Clean
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